Saturday, August 21, 2010

What To Look For In A High Quality Link

Link building is one of the central tenets of search engine optimization. Reputable SEO services will tell you that the more high quality links you have to your website, the more traffic it will see and the higher its profile will be with search engines.

Not all links are good, however. It’s important to recognise what constitutes a quality link, so it’s worth bearing the following tips in mind.

First, assess the relevancy of the site from which you are seeking a link. It should feature lots of well written content. It should clearly explain what the business is about, be relevant to your business and be respectable. It should already attract the kind of traffic that you are aiming for, increasing the chances of driving such traffic to your website.

Emphasis should also be placed on the quality of the website’s content. It should be well written, informative and updated regularly. This shows that they take their business seriously, and do not employ the services of black hat search engine optimization services.

If the website adheres to these points, it should get the attention of search engine web crawlers, which brings us to our third point. A link from a highly ranked website can be hugely advantageous, and will raise your profile with search engines.

Ethical link building is not something that will happen overnight. Creating appropriate, quality links can be challenging and time consuming, and it’s important not to be lured into unethical quick fixes like link farms, as this will only harm your search engine results in the long run.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Theme Based Link Building

Inbound One-Way Theme Based Link Building is generally considered as the excellent method to build popularity. It simulates the natural link building to your website. For example if your website is related to health then you must need theme based links from other health related websites. These links are very difficult to obtain or keep maintain as they are more important for top ranking health websites in all search engine. These theme based links play valuable role to create solid ranking for your website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Social networking - link up with LinkedIn

Remember, your SEO agency can do a lot more than tweak your website for the most effective use of keywords. Social networking has become an important part of any search engine optimisation strategy and LinkedIn is one of the most popular business orientated social networking sites.

LinkedIn is a social networking site that's available in six languages, over two hundred countries and (as of April 2010) has more than 65 million members. LinkedIn members keep a list of invited 'connections' that can be used in a number of ways. In the main, your connections can generate second and third party contacts by sharing their connections with you. These mutual contacts can then be used to help promote business, find jobs and fill vacant positions.

Using LinkedIn, members can easily research a company they may be interested in working for or doing business with. They can then check through their existing contacts to see who might be able to provide an introduction. This is all very useful, but how, you may ask, does this help search engine optimisation agencies ply their craft? Well, the main advantage is links, as the name would suggest. The combination of links and anchor text you can add to your profile is the kind of information Google loves. External links (from your blog, for instance) to a carefully worded LiknedIn profile can really help enhance your rankings.

On the face of it, sites like LinkedIn have more to do with business relationships, and have great value for just that purpose. To a search engine optimisation agency however, they can be viewed as another essential part of a customer's SEO strategy and should be used to their full advantage.