Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Outbound link structure How it Should Be

How to make a link page and outbound link structure?

This is a major question, which comes in mind of every SEO, link building company and webmaster's that what kind of link page should be on their site or what is the best way of giving outbound link. Every body need links and to get it one has to give back some thing in return unless your contents are so good that the site is voluntarily linked by others. To give back link you need some link page or some other way of giving outbound links. What method should be adopted for outbound links structuring. In my opinion you can adopt following:

1. The best way to give outbound link is to give links within the content page as it is most useful for users who read your site contents. This method of linking is natural and long lasting as search engines want that the pages should be made for users and not for the search engines.

2. You can make 4 to 6 resources pages but each page should be on particular theme and object of the page should match the theme of your site. In such a way you will provide the users more related resources on same topic at one place. It will help you in making an authority page.

3. You can also adopt the traditional style which is used in research papers as well as books also where links are given at the end of the page referred to as more references and resources. It gives more information to the users about any particular topic thus enriching their knowledge more. There are many other ways of making link page but the most common is to have a long page with huge list of sites on one single page and linking each site with its title or optimized anchor text without having any relevance between the sites. Such pages never bring traffic rather we just make it only for search engines, which is no doubt a Spam. Google mentioned in its SEO guidelines "Make pages for users, not for search engines ". Search engines are well aware of such kind of link pages and are definitely to be treated by search engines as "Link Farm" and will be penalized.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

LinK Building Resources

Link building Resources

There are others link resource sites that are useful too, but the goal behind this article is to give away link tools, link building information, link building blogs, linking resources, articles , tips and linking ideas at one place.

Linking Chat and Forums

High Rankings: Link Building
SEO Chat: Link Popularity
SEW Forums: Link Building
WMW: Link Development

SEO Blogs

SE Roundtable
SE Lowdown
SEO Book
SEW Blog

Link Popularity & Link Building References

Link Popularity Articles
Link Building Services
Building Link Popularity Strategies
Build Permanent Relevant Links
Free Link Exchange
Link Building India
Link Development Directory & Resources

Get traffic with our Link Building Consulting Services. Do you want target traffic and increase page rank as well as visitors, check our Link Popularity Services

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Link reputation or link relevancy

Do you want to enrich your traffic generation system and attract traffic from different sources? If other websites are willing to link with your site, you can drive steady traffic to your website 24*7 days. Starting your link exchange campaign can help you get listed in many other websites. Finally, your website traffic is surfing. Compare with those pay-per-click search engines, link exchange can save you hundreds or thousands per month.

Link popularity is important, but link reputation or link relevancy is also essential. Link reputation means the wordings used to describe your website in the hyperlink text. If your website is about making money, other sites describe your site as debt consolidation, you cannot get high search engine ranking in keywords like "making money","make money".

Website traffic is too dependant on search engines.If your site cannot rank high, you cannot get any traffic.Search engines change algorithm too often.Search engine marketing becomes expensive, Since more websites are linking to your website, your website’s link popularity is increasing. Link popularity is a very important factor to your site’s search engine ranking. The higher is your link popularity, the higher is your search engine placement.

Increase the number of incoming links

How to Increase the number of incoming links

To increase the number of incoming links to your website, you have two options. You can take the slow route of exchanging links one-by-one with other websites, or you can use automated link exchange program. Manually exchanging links with other websites is a slow and tedious process that will take many months of hard work to increase your website traffic and your link popularity. Be i will suggest to go for manual link exchange program

Text Link Exchange Pro is a complete traffic exchange system which allows you to start your own text link exchange program by rotating small textual links similar to Google Adwords. Features include selling paid advertising using Paypal, full admin control panel, dynamic counted ratio, targeted link categories, 100% template driven system, 5 level referral program and many more. Webmasters can now build free traffic to their site without the need of banner images or popup ads.

Using reciprocal link exchange, as a means of promoting your website, product, or service can be a very effective and inexpensive way to help your website traffic grows and succeeds online. Reciprocal link exchange can also increase your website's link popularity, and lead to a boost in your website's search engine ranking. The higher is your website traffic, the higher is your revenue. Therefore, you must start reciprocal link exchange and manage your link building campaign effectively and increase link popularity check

Do you want to improve your search engine ranking especially your Google ranking? Link popularity (Google terms it as Pagerank) is a major criteria in search engine ranking algorithm. Link popularity refers to the total number of sites on the internet that are linking to your own website. The more sites are linking to your website, the higher is your search engine ranking

Friday, May 13, 2005

Link Exchange Rules

Following Danny Sullivan's (a prominent editor of searchenginewatch.com) golden rules of link building...

get links from pages that are read by the audience you want.
buy links if visitors that come solely from the link will justify the cost.
link to sites because you want your visitors to know about them.

Following these basic rules will increase link popularity, and you won't be penalized for 'spamming.'

When exchanging links please read the following rules.

Place a reciprocal link on your site first. Link Exchange protocol indicates that the person initiating the link exchange must place a link first before asking for a link exchange. Instructions are given on the Link exchange form.

Please complete the Link exchange form and tell us where you have placed the link. It does not have to be the exact page, but gives our robot a head start.

Make sure that there is a clear route from your home page to the link exchange page on your site. If we can't get to your links page then the link exchange will be rejected.
Your site should have it's own domain name, link exchanges with free hosting sites such as Freeserve and Yahoo can not be accepted.

Your site must be on the same domain as your links page.

Please note we can not swap links with sites which break our Terms and conditions, Link Swap Partners such as adult sites are not allowed.

Do not hide your links in Java script or frames. Search engines can not follow and neither will our robot so your link will be rejected.

Only sites that provide reciprocal Links will be added to our link exchange programme. We monitor our Links Exchange partners and if our link is not found on your site the link exchange will be suspended.

This page is for sites that do not fit into our directory categories, or are outside the scope of our directory.

Do not submit your URL more than once. This could result in ALL your links being removed.

We will not accept link farms or links from sites with hundreds of links per page.
Link exchange may be refused due to other factors (too many to mention) that made a link exchange not possible.

Increase web site traffic

Increase web site traffic, gain brand-awareness and skyrocket revenues come naturally from a properly developed Internet Marketing Plan equipped with search engine optimization services reinforced by a Link Popularity campaign.

Simply put! Link Popularity provides re-enforcement and imperative assistance to search engine optimization services when looking for higher placement on many of the major search engines. In recent, the major search engines restructured their algorithms and methodologies to begin calculating the amount of links pointing to a web site's URL. It seems, that with more links the better the ‘rating', ‘importance' and ‘popularity' a URL will seem to have based on the search engines criteria.

A definitive and sure way to help sustain and or improve search rankings is Link Popularity. Beyond, helping your Website increase traffic through the development of referrals through linking, link popularity can help establish long-term standings and sustainable search ranking, improvement and submission acceptance. In addition, strategic placement of links on other sites can help ensure consistent amounts of targeted traffic.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Link Popularity and Writing

Link Popularity and Writing

Using writing as a marketing tool can save you thousands in advertising dollars. Imagine a website or e-zine that costs hundreds to advertise in and you have the feature article which didn't cost you a dime to produce. You can easily see which generates more profit in the long run.

Through the power of the written word you can be able to get free publicity for your business. Providing quality and profitable and sometimes inspiring information can help you to achieve that goal. Many top marketers have used writing to good effect.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Good articles increasing link popularity

Good articles increasing link popularity

 There are other methods also for increasing link popularity, one is to write good articles or write ups that other websites will love to add and below these you can place a link to your website. Quality content is always in demand and acceptable by webmasters so this method increases the chances of inclusion and otherwise the popularity of your website. Another easy and viable method of link development is the message boards. You can post messages in public message boards and leave your links at the end of the message that in turn will result in links development. Certain message boards are very popular and have good PR and a link from that page is really advantageous. Link Popularity Check

Monday, March 07, 2005

Links Building and Ranking

Links have a major influence on ranking in many search engines, the major search engines that take links into account particularly the Big Google whose main operating rule for top search engine ranking and positioning is that quality links are linking to you, thus giving your site importance. We create link popularity plan for your website and a link building and exchange mechanism to enhance your Search Engine Ranking.

Reciprocal linking Reciprocal links form a vital part of any website promotion effort. To ensure that your page has the visibility it deserves, you will need other sites to point to yours. Reciprocal Linking provide links to similar sites, and provide links to related sites and in the process you maximize your exposure. We may provide link/url exchange directory (a focused/targeted directory) on your website which compliment and enhance your website rather than that seems mishmash of links /lump of indiscriminate links

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Link Popularity Building Services Resources

Link Popularity Building Services Resources

Link Popularity Services Link Popularity Building Links Building
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Services. ©1999- 2003 All Rights Reserved MegriSoft Limited. ...

The Bow-Tie Theory
The core of the web is made up of about 30% of sites that are well linked with both inbound and outbound links. As a result have higher ranking and higher traffic.

The Road to Link Popularity
General article on link popularity together several tips to improve popularity scores including redesigning your site to promote linkability.

Increasing Hits by Improving the Link Popularity of Your Site
Sumantra Roy’s guide describes the methods you shouldn’t be using as well as the ones you should.

Link Popularity - by Spider-Food.net
Spider-food.com gives some useful advice on how to rank higher and avoid risk when increasing your link popularity.

Google Technology
PageRank is very briefly explained by Google themselves. You’ll find a much more detailed report on ‘PageRank Uncovered’ below.

PageRank Uncovered
Explains when PageRank is important and when it is not. The report recommends that you should always concentrate on "on the page" factors and anchor text first and PageRank last.

Interview with Craig Silverstein
Craig Silverstein, Chief Technology Officer of Google tells it like it is. His advice - avoid spam techniques and deceptive cloaking, embrace content and community.

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