Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Five Linking Method You Should not Go for in 2013

Well I read linking articles from time to time and found that following methods you should try to avoid while planning for link building strategy. The following methods are already discounted by search engines in 2012.

  • Info graphics Are No Longer Effective For Link Building 
  • Links Pages & Pages With Links.html Or Links.php Aren't Trustworthy
  • Sites that accept submissions, because they also put the letters submit in the submission page URL 
  • Guest Blog Posts No Longer As Helpful As Before There. 

Myth exploded. Links pages are not bad just because they are called links pages or because they have the letters l-i-n-k-s in their URLs.

What links we should go for in 2013 Check here the guidelines

The Link Shrink Is In: 3 Crazy Linking Assumptions 

 What Eric Ward Says
Building on last month’s column, Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013, one of the best and worst things about the Web is the never-ending supply of absolutely horrifying bad information that must be clarified. This helps keep people like me in business. I feel like a link doctor. A Link shrink. So thank you to all the folks who love to make completely unsubstantiated claims about links and linking strategies.

  • Anchor Text Will Cease To Be A Ranking Signal Altogether In 2013 
  • Broken Link Building Is Not Efficient Links Will No Longer Be 
  • The Most Important Ranking Signal In 2013. It’s All About Social.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Link Building Experts on Web

26 Creative and Innovative Link Building Experts and Their Strategies 

 The list some of the most creative and innovative link builders in the industry that I know, including their works that somehow influenced my views as an SEO, and perhaps to serve as an inspiration in developing your own link building strategies.
Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of SEOmoz
Aaron Wall, author of
Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas
Eric Ward, Link Evangelist at Adgooroo
Wiep Knol, Founder of Gila Media
Tom Critchlow, VP of Operations at Distilled
Michael Gray, President of Atlas Web Service and author of Wolf-howl
Todd Malicoat, author of Stuntdubl –
Garrett French, Founder of Citations Lab
Rae Hoffman-Dolan, CEO and Managing Director of MFE Interactive
Ross Hudgens, author of Authentic Marketing –
Napoleon Suarez, SEO Consultant at SEER Interactive
Ryan Clark, CEO of Linkbuildr
Melanie Nathan, President of CanadianSEO
Hugo Guzman, VP at Zeta Interactive
Justin Briggs, SEO Consultant at Distilled
John Doherty, SEO Consultant at Distilled
Debra Mastaler, author of Link Spiel
Dan Cristo, Co-founder of Triberr
Tadeusz Szewczyk, SEO blogger at SEOptimise
Kristi Hines, author of Kikolani
Jennifer Van Iderstyne, Online Marketing Director at Search Slingshot
Wayne Barker, Online Marketing Consultant at Boom Online
Julie Joyce, owner of Link Fish Media
Michael King, SEO Manager at Publicis Modem
Joanna Batten, Director of Productions at BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.
Mohnesh Kohli CEO of Megri Soft Limited
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Thanks to Chandigarh SEO Services Private Limited Chandigarh for providing this data

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Link building tools are everywhere, so much so that it's safe to assume we've saturated the market, and it's time to move on to building something else. While I rely on some of these as much as Instragram relies on selfies and food photos, some of the best tools I’ve found for link building were actually created to serve a completely different purpose.