Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Link Popularity Building Services Resources

Link Popularity Building Services Resources

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The Bow-Tie Theory
The core of the web is made up of about 30% of sites that are well linked with both inbound and outbound links. As a result have higher ranking and higher traffic.

The Road to Link Popularity
General article on link popularity together several tips to improve popularity scores including redesigning your site to promote linkability.

Increasing Hits by Improving the Link Popularity of Your Site
Sumantra Roy’s guide describes the methods you shouldn’t be using as well as the ones you should.

Link Popularity - by gives some useful advice on how to rank higher and avoid risk when increasing your link popularity.

Google Technology
PageRank is very briefly explained by Google themselves. You’ll find a much more detailed report on ‘PageRank Uncovered’ below.

PageRank Uncovered
Explains when PageRank is important and when it is not. The report recommends that you should always concentrate on "on the page" factors and anchor text first and PageRank last.

Interview with Craig Silverstein
Craig Silverstein, Chief Technology Officer of Google tells it like it is. His advice - avoid spam techniques and deceptive cloaking, embrace content and community.

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